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Amber and Brooke Pixie Scents Disney CandlesHi,

I am Amber and I am 10 years old, and that’s my little sister Brooke.
I got a soap making kit for my 10th birthday recently and had so much fun melting things, adding colors and adding different smells to each soap.  One soap smelled like and reminded me of a vacation we took and so with the help of my Mom and Dad I opened an Etsy store.

I am not making soap, not yet, but am starting with some smells I loved from a magical vacation to Orlando.  These scents bring me back to the rides, foods and hotels from many trips down to Florida.

Pixie Candles –

The Pixie Candles are each hand made in our kitchen.  I can only make a few and my parents help with the hot wax part.  The candles are 100% soy and even the wicks are special and natural so they burn clean and slow.  Each candle smells just like a favorite memory from our vacations and will bring you back there each time you lit it.

Tarts (Pixie Cakes) –

These are the wax things you can melt in those containers that we have all over the house.  You just break off a piece and the bulb melts the wax and they smell great.  These are also made in the same scents as the candles.

making Disney Candles at my kitchen tableWhen do you make the Pixie candles and tarts (Pixie Cakes) ? –

Right now my Dad. Mom or I will be posting on Instagram when we are making a new scent.  These will be limited to a small amount so we can make them at home and get them out quickly.  Maybe later will be keep some extras, but for now they are hand made one by one

What happens the the money? –

The money for the Pixie Candles and Pixie Cakes I sell goes into three things.  1. Some goes to buy more supplies to make more candles and Pixie Cakes.  2. My parents put most of any extra money made into college for me.  3. I get to spend some on stuff I want.